Monday, August 25, 2008

Customer Reviews : Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Best thing to happen to book lovers!
I find this makes reading a book just that much easier; no bulky books to carry and I do take a book every where I go. Now it is only my Kindle and on trips my Kindle is all I need for how ever long I may be gone. Can't say enough good things to say about it from the easy on the eyes screen to the ease with which you can read and mark areas for book club discussions to just plain fun to have; I am only sorry I didn't get one sooner!

I am Mrs. Robert Dill and recieved this thingie (KINDLE) for my birthday. I have been buying soft-cover books for so many years it seemed too simple to just pick one out and have it in an instant. That is just the way it works! What I really like is the ability to get a "sample" of the book first. At 77 years of age I have read a huge number of books and find that I am purchasing some several times because they are by a favorite author. Kindle eliminates duplications (at long last). Would recommend this gadget to anyone that could afford it. It is a bit pricey (no more than a good video game console). It is almost too easy to buy books. Must watch and not spend too much. Read faster with the Kindle so I must ration myself to no more that 2 books a week.

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